Update 1/21/2013

Dear Friends and Family,

Last week was a long one – lots going on! Mark started radiation on Thursday and had his second session on Friday. He shouldn’t have any side effects at first.

He was never able to get the MRI because the insurance denied coverage. The radiologist was fine with this though as he felt he had a good enough read from the CT scan to plan the radiation accordingly.

After his radiation treatment on Friday we went to see the oncologist. The big surprise there was that they want Mark to start on oral chemotherapy pills for the time he is on radiation. They said that doing both gives him the best possibility of shrinking the tumor. He will take the pills twice a day Monday – Friday. There could be side effects – nothing too drastic but he could have really dry hands and feet and possilbe mouth sores.

The biggest problem right now is just the constant pain and no sleep to speak of. He gets 20 minutes sleep at the most before the pain wakes him up. He is exhausted and sore because of all of this.

His appetite is good which we are thankful for.

The above are the facts for which I need to report because so many people care and are praying. When I look back on my words it sounds pretty negative which I don’t intend to be. I am being honest. The other part of my honesty is this.

Mark gets up every morning and thanks the Lord that he is vertical. He has a terrific attitude and has been able to do a lot of reading and praying. Yes, he is in pain but he doesn’t feel sorry for himself or isn’t down. He is still speaking and doing FCA things – not as much as he was but he still loves getting out when he can.

We are so thankful that he can still stay with his natural therapies which help him to feel better. We are so thankful for our medical fund that has been a huge help to us financially helping him to stick with these alternative treatments and therapies.

We are thankful for friends and family who have surrounded us with love, prayers and support. I could brag on our kids every time I get on here – they have been amazing – they are there anytime we need anything and have been such a huge support to us! We praise the Lord for givng us such awesome kids!

Our prayer continues to be for healing and specifically for the tumor to be reduced so that he can have relief from the pain.

Thank you for praying!

Much love and gratitude,

Mark and Lee

Psalm 27:8

When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, thy face, Lord, will I seek.

Philippians 4:7

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding shall keep your harts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Jeremiah 29:13

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

On the way to the cancer cancer center on Friday Mark read as I drove from Jesus Calling….

” I am leading you along the high road, but ther are descents as well as ascents. In the distance you see snow-covered peaks glistening in brilliant sunlight. Your longing to reach those peaks is good, but you must not take shortcuts. Your assignment is to follow Me, allowing Me to direct your path. Let the heights beckon you onwward, but stay close to Me.

Learn to trust Me when things go “wrong”. Disruptions to your routine highlight your dependence on Me. Trusting acceptance of trials brings blessings that far outweigh them all. Walk hand in hand with Me through this day. I have lovingly planned every inch of the way. Trust does not falter when the path becomes rocky and steep. Breathe deep draughts of My Presence, and hold tightly to My hand. Together we can make it!”