Schools and Athletics

One of the passions we have is in the area of students and sports, from the college and pro levels down to the middle school audience. Groups implementing our message include athletic teams, camps, school assemblies, coaches’ gatherings, FCA huddles, student leadership conferences, etc. Because this audience has such a platform of influence and has the capacity to touch so many lives, we are thrilled to join arms and cast vision with them.

stadiumOur younger generation is looking more and more to make a difference in their culture, whether close to home, or around the world. They want to live in an arena of positive family, friends, school, activities, community, etc. They are energetic and passionate by nature, and if we can help cultivate those desires in the right direction, then we may better get ready to move out of the way! If they embrace a cause, something is about to happen.

Coaches and leaders of student groups have an inordinate amount of influence and persuasion over these individuals. The amount of time spent with youth and the environment that normally accompanies their relationships, provide an excellent backdrop for change to occur. Because of the magnitude of their positions, the coach and/or youth leader is someone we spend a great deal of time encouraging. Our focus on them is crucial, for they can do so much with the opportunities afforded their role.

The accompanying book, Leave a Mark, will be available in early October.

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