Youth groups, men’s and ladies’ specific gatherings, church congregations, Christian schools, college chapels, conferences…all these and others provide excellent audiences to absorb the spiritual implications of “leaving a mark.” As disciples and ambassadors, such individuals are commissioned to be salt and light, and our message resonates in a powerful way. Based on Scripture, the entire delivery makes an impression as we challenge from a Godly worldview.  When the listener sees the implications of what this can truly mean, he/she will be inspired to reflect on his own life to determine how God wants to use him.

The presentation can serve as a launching pad of sorts to initiate ministry in a variety of ways. Besides focusing on the individual and what God has created for them, we then can follow up by implementing the idea for groups and making the campaign one that fits an array of outreach opportunities. Simply stated, using the phrase “leave a mark” can allow a subtle, commonly used saying evolve into the ultimate message we want shared. That message is, of course, centered on the One who left the most indelible “mark” ever on this world. The story of Christ is our end objective. How the listener is motivated to be used to serve as that conduit is where we can be employed. The accompanying book, Leave a Mark, will be available in early October.

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