Civic and Corporate

Civic and Corporation

We offer a challenging presentation to national, regional, and local organizations. Whether the audience is a leadership group or an entire company staff, we deliver a message suited to their specific need. Civic groups and clubs such as Rotary, Civitan, Kiwanis, Chambers of Commerce, etc are great venues for the “Leave a Mark” campaign. Our focus is to inspire the listener to strive to make an intentional difference in the workplace, community, home, local schools, and any other sphere where they carry influence. Bettering their world becomes more than just a nice phrase or idea.

Ingrained in the delivery is the relevance of the individual as to their own set of giftedness and experience. We strive to see persons use the incredible talents they already possess, however refined, and allow themselves to become who they were created to be. For many, it simply takes the style of encouragement we offer in order for them to start touching lives. It is our commitment to cater to our audience and its own specific culture as we shape the message around their needs.

Follow up to the initial presentation is an added option. It can take the form of smaller “study” groups or a task force designated to employ action steps. We can help facilitate these personally and/or provide consultation on how best to implement.  The accompanying book, Leave a Mark, will be available in early October.

To contact us for an event or gathering, or simply to discuss more in depth our vision to serve you, please email or call: / 678-469-6860