Mark’s Vision


We have probably all seen, used, or heard the phrase, “Ooh, that’s gonna leave a mark!” Thoughts of when this might occur will cross your mind. While at an FCA coaches’ camp at St. Simons, Georgia, during the summer of 2011, I saw this slogan on a shirt of a football coach; an illustration depicted a hard hit by a defender and the words were very appropriately used as the tagline. After smiling at the message, the thought struck me, “That is what we are trying to do. We are attempting to influence our student and coaching leaders to ‘leave a mark’ on those around them.

But, obviously, we desire for that to be done in a positive way; a way which will perhaps lead to changing the world in which they find themselves. They have an opportunity to use the stage provided by their position or role, and perhaps start a cause, a trend, a message that will begin a ripple effect; that movement may then become a wave so powerful that nothing could stop the tide.

As I mulled the possibilities, reminders of my past came to the forefront of my mind. Sure, I had always been a “good guy,” but how many opportunities over the years had been squandered due to my selfish focus? My 20+ years of coaching high school athletics came flashing back and I knew without thinking too diligently, there were many lost moments never to be had again. Moments when a young man needed a listening ear; when a young lady was reaching out for someone to care; when a seemingly disruptive student was merely screaming out for someone to take notice.

On the other hand, it is never too late. If we cannot use the mistakes of the past as a chance to implement valuable purpose now, then perhaps we are not ready for this message. Most are ready, though, to take advantage of the wisdom gained, and to look at current and future circumstances as incredible “second chances.” Our Creator is a God of second chances, and He is thrilled to see His children embrace life’s lessons. He is even more ecstatic to watch as we humans seek Him and a personal relationship with Him; for, it is only through this process that true meaning will begin to surface and life is thrust into an entirely new light.

My challenge now to you, me, and everyone is to be INTENTIONAL…as we seek to INFLUENCE and IMPACT those placed around us and reaching far beyond. I am Terminal…we all are…what are we going to do with the time we have left? It’s our decision.